Summer and The Plans for Travel

Summer is almost there! I believe everyone has their plan on where they would spend summer. I would love to go to the beach and have myself tanned. My friends and I already have idea on where to spend our summer vacation but before that let me give you some ideas on how you to plan your trip. First, know your destination. Are you guys going out of the country or just some places nearby? If ever you’re going on a long trip out of the country you should check out your plane tickets. Which one do you want to ride, how much is your fare going to be and how long is the trip. You should also know the difference between the direct and nonstop flights. Also, make sure of the details on your tickets. Last  time when we went out of the country we’ve got a small issue with the tickets so instead of putting my sisters name as “Michele” they have inputted “Michelle”, fortunately we have seen it beforehand so were able to fix the problem. So better check your ticket information first.

After that, you should select your seats especially if you have disability. Some airlines have limited seats for disable so you must check it out first and get the seat as soon as possible.  Then, double check all your documents especially when you’re out of the country. You won’t want to forget your important ids and documents it would make you all worried instead of enjoying your trip. Set your luggage apart from the pack, pack your things in order like your electronic device on one place, your toiletries in a pouch and some candies on a different container or pouch bag as well.

You should also know your airport’s code, flight number and seat number. File your important document and plane tickets in one place. Also, check your airlines, look for the reviews and comments they have for you to pck the good one. Some airlines have seat sale you could check them all ahead of time to save some money and always be observant and careful since you’ll be going in a different place with different culture. Treat them with respect because they might misunderstood you in some times. All in all, always be good and check everything before your trip and most of all enjoy!