With an Upcoming Trip Planned in August of This Year

With an upcoming trip planned in August of this year, we are so excited and counting the days! This trip was actually decided two to three weeks ago when we decided to plan a surprise visit to attend my cousin sister’s wedding!

So here’s the backstory.

My cousin sister in Australia is getting married in August. We had already planned a trip to Asia (Sri Lanka) around the 1st week of August since we have a preplanned temple event to attend on August 10th. We were praying that my cousins’ wedding date would not be the same weekend – and lo and behold it turned out to be on Aug 10th.

On  Aug 10th Friday my cousins getting married in Sydney and Aug 13th Monday we have a temple event to attend in Sri Lanka! We informed my cousins family we wont be able to attend the wedding as we have to attend the temple event that same weekend in Sri Lanka. They knew that already and so were understanding about it. As a 24 hour licensed electrician, my cousin knows the importance of keeping appointments. You can visit his website at http://chicagoselectrician.com/mcc/.

But my mind started working over time! There had to be a way to make this happen! All these years of studying Bob Proctors works and Tony Robbins’ work shouldn’t go waste after all!

So I started looking into itineraries and flight segments trying to figure out how we can make this happen! And so after much investigation, planning , masterminding with my ever-awesome wife and our travel agent , we finally figured out a way to attend both events!!

We will be arriving in Sydney on Aug 7th as surprise! The plan is to rent a car and drive to my cousins place! We will attend the wedding on Aug 10th morning, and then fly to Sri Lanka via Singapore Airlines on the same night! And attend the temple event on 13th!

Needless to say we are so excited about this trip! We will keep updating this blog with more details!!


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